Representative Projects



Projects on which Greene & Associates, Inc. has worked are:

Technical Assistance

  • Correlation of petrochemical replacement costs with plant size
  • Review of costs and efficiencies of power generation processes
  • Advised on airborne pollutants
  • Prepared Tetra Ethyl Lead  (TEL Gasoline Additive) studies
  • Advised on Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) process and pollution issues
  • Advised regarding cleanup of contaminants and remediation for a polluted site
  • Advised on federal regulations and pollutants exception
  • Advised on furnace technology for ethylene and ammonia plants
  • Selection of process for chemical facility
  • Selection of process for ethylene facility
  • Advised on startup and commissioning of ethylene plants
  • Advised on selection of furnace tubes for ethylene furnaces
  • Advised on use of fuel additives
  • Advised on availability of used refineries and chemical plants, and new and used equipment for chemical plants
  • Advised on metallurgical failures
  • Advised on plant automation
  • Advised on good engineering practices and industry standards

Technology Services

  • Advised regarding chemical process simulation packages
  • Advised on yield models for refineries
  • Advised on issues related to enterprise resource planning packages
  • Advised and used project management software applications
  • Advised and used statistical models
  • Advised and developed statistical computer models for international crude oil pricing

Contracts and Bids

  • Advised on construction contracts/disputes related to refineries and petrochemical plants
  • Evaluated operations and maintenance bids and contracts for petrochemical facilities
  • Advised on feedstock contracts for ethylene plants
  • Advised on product pricing and contracts for refineries
  • Advised on gas contracts
  • Advised on bids to purchase gas plants and gathering system
  • Advised on bids for oil and gas properties
  • Advised on contracts for oil and gas leases
  • Advised on vendor and sub-vendor contracts for major projects

Seminars and Presentations

  • New Projects, Ventures, Investments and Feasibility related to refineries, gas plants, ethylene plants, chemical plants and pipelines
  • Operations, Maintenance, Regulatory, Environmental, Health and Safety Seminars